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Quad LFO

Tre Modular
Tre Modular – Quad LFO features four independent Low-Frequency Oscillators with skew/ pulse width control. This module is designed to offer both super slow and low audio rate speeds. It ranges from 0.013Hz to 40Hz. You can use it for slow moving patches or for audio rate modulation.
Quad LFO has skew/pulse width control. It is similar to one found on Korg`s MS-20 Modulation Generator. Rotate the knob to morph between sawtooth, triangle, and ramp waveforms or to control pulse width on pulse output. 
Speed: 0.013Hz( One cycle in 74 seconds) – 40Hz
Output LVL: 10Vpp
Power consumption :
14mA at +12v
16mA at -12v
Max depth: 2.5cm
Width: 10HP
Tre Modular - Quad LFO front