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Replicant VCF

Tre Modular
Replicant VCF is a multimode -12 dB per octave second-order state variable filter that is based on one of the most famous synthesizers ever produced, Yamaha  CS80.
Yamaha CS80 is known for its warm and mellow filter and  Replicant VCF is designed to replicate the sound characteristics of this filter.  If you want that classic CS80 sound in your Eurorack system, this is it.
Module width: 10 HP
Module depth: 25mm
Power Consumption: 33mA at +12V / 30mA at -12V
Tre Modular - Replicant VCF front
Here you can find two versions of the DIY assembly guide. One of them is more similar to CS80 where the filter output is lower than the signal input where you have to amplify the signal later in the signal chain. And the second version has filters output close to input signal levels.​