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Shape Mod – Demo

    In this video I show off and explain functions of Tre Modular – Shape Mod module.

    Shape Mod is a powerful waveshaper inspired by soviet synthesizer Alisa 1377. This module not only functions as a waveshaper but also offers additional features, such as – ring modulation and it can even be used as simple VCA.

    Waveshaping part of this module is based on Alisa 1377 VCA based waveshaper. However Shape mod is a step further. It has two additional waveshaping stages that expand on the original waveshaper’s capabilities, while still maintaining characteristic Alisa-like sound.

    Shapeshifter gives control over the polarity of one of the waveshaper stages. This changes the characteristics of the resulting sound. It changes from softer sounding waveform to a more harsh sound.

    Shape mod has a built in ring modulator using AS3363. With nothing plugged in, waveshapers output is normaled to both ring modulator inputs.

    This module can also be used as single channel VCA. You can input a signal into the Waveshaper input and set the signal to dry. This way by controlling the gain knob and gain CV it works as VCA.

    Shape Mod